Deputy to General Convention, Clergy

The Rev. Lester Mackenzie

The Rev. Melissa McCarthy

The Rev. Susan Russell

The Rev. Michael Bamberger

Alternate to General Convention, Clergy

The Rev. Kelli Grace Kurtz

The Rev. Nancy Frausto

The Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija

The Rev. Sylvia Sweeney

Deputy to General Convention, Lay

Kathryn Nishibayashi

Canon Jim White

Dan Valdez

Julie Dean Larsen

Alternate to General Convention, Lay

Maida Hastings

W. Stephen James

 Marjorie Cooley

Canterbury Irvine Director

Louise Stover (acclamation)

Canterbury USC Director

 Canon Patsy Brierley

Canterbury Westwood Director

  John Hirning (acclamation)

Holy Family Adoption Services Agency

Janis Rosebrook (acclamation)

Secretary of Convention

Canon Janet Wylie (acclamation)

Corporation of the Diocese Director

 Clergy: The Rev. Melissa McCarthy

Lay: Canon Annette Graw

Commission on Ministry Member

 Clergy: The Rev. Julie Morris

 Lay: Mario Vargas

Diocesan Investment Trust

Robert Wycoff

Diocesan Council Member

Clergy: The Rev. Barbara Stewart

Lay: Richard Henderson (acclamation)

Standing Committee Member

Clergy: The Rev. Nancy Frausto

Lay: Canon Randolph Kimmler