Diocesan Convention FAQ

What is Diocesan Convention?

Diocesan Convention is the annual business meeting of the Diocese. It’s a time when clergy and laypeople from all over Southern California come together to vote on a budget, elect officers, and hear reports of work from Diocesan institutions. But more importantly, we reunite, worship together, learn together, and discern together, reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the next.

When and where is Convention?

Diocesan Convention 2019 will be held at the Riverside Convention Center on Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16. More information about the Convention Center can be found here.

What about Hotels? Meals?

We have contracted with three hotels within walking distance of the Convention Center. Click here to access the booking pages for the Marriott, Hyatt, and Mission Inn.

We will be hosting a hospitality reception and dinner Friday evening after business has concluded (more information is coming soon so check back regularly) but all other meals are up to you. The Convention Center will have coffee and concessions available during the day and there is a plethora of restaurants within walking distance that would be great to visit during lunch breaks.

Who CAN attend Convention?

Everyone is welcome to visit! We’ll have an Exhibit Hall featuring ministries and vendors from all over the country, a series of informational workshops, and a Friday night reception and dinner with live entertainment. Visitors will also be welcome to sit in the designated Visitors & Alternates section next to the “floor of Convention.”

However, like other legislative bodies, only credentialed delegates are entitled to a seat and/or voice and/or vote at Convention. For example, each Parish in the Diocese is entitled to a certain number of lay delegates dependent on the size of the congregation. These delegates and their alternates are typically elected at the church’s annual meeting, and the names subsequently submitted to the Secretary of Convention.

There are additional rules that govern who may be a delegate which can be found here (Article VI of the Diocesan Constitution and Canons) or you can email the Convention Coordinator at samanthawylie@ladiocese.org with any questions you might have.

How do I prepare for Convention?

The best way to prepare for Convention is to attend your Pre-Convention Deanery Assembly. One of the Bishops, a member of the Diocesan staff, and the Deanery Officers will be there. The proposed Mission Share Fund Budget will be available, and discussion of the proposed resolutions and changes to the Constitution and Canons will occur. You can see the schedule on the main page. Please also visit this website regularly for other updates.

Are you a Youth Delegate? PGYM has got you covered! Check out www.pgym.la for more information.

What do I do when I get there?

If you are a lay or clergy delegate to Convention, please visit Registration in the downstairs concourse to receive your name badge, voting device, and informational booklet. You will also receive your seating assignment.

If you are an alternate, please visit the Registrar to receive your name badge and instructions for how to change your status in the event your delegate is unable to attend.

If you are a visitor, feel free to browse the Exhibit Hall, check out our Friday morning workshops, and sit in the visitor seating to watch the business of Convention unfold.

How does voting work?

As of 2018, voting is done electronically with individually assigned keypads. During Convention, delegates will be asked to vote on a budget, resolutions, elective offices, etc. As a delegate you are also entitled to submit nominations for open offices, resolutions, and proposed amendments to the Constitution and Canons.

Is there something for my kids to do?

Absolutely! We will have licensed childcare providers available for kids ages 0-8, and Camp Stevens will be hosting “Camp Convention” for kids ages 8-13. (More information about both programs is coming soon.)

High schoolers and young adults are welcome and encouraged to serve as Convention volunteers, assisting with anything from registration to voting to the Exhibit Hall. More info can be found at www.pgym.la

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Feel free to email the Convention Coordinator at samanthawylie@ladiocese.org.

We look forward to seeing you at Convention!