Clergy, Lay, and Youth


Iā€™m a delegate - what do I do now?


Delegate - Clergy

Every member of the clergy in regular standing, who is canonically resident or licensed to officiate in the Diocese, shall be entitled to a seat in every Annual or Special Meeting of Convention. 


Find all the information that you need as a clergy delegate to Diocesan Convention here. 


Delegate - Lay

The lay members shall consist of Delegates chosen in proportion to the number of communicants reported to the Annual Meeting of Convention of the previous year. Each Parish or Mission in union with The Constitution and Canons of the Diocese Convention shall be entitled to at least one Lay Delegate.


Find all the information that you need as a delegate to Diocesan Convention here. 



In 1998, a change to the Diocesan Canons was passed allowing young people aged 16 and over to be qualified electors. Also, there are ten seats for young people from each deanery on the floor of Convention. In 2014, the Diocesan Constitution was amended to allow these young people have seat, voice, and vote--so your opinion can be heard and declared.