Diocesan Convention



The deadline to submit a Resolution for consideration at the 2019 Diocesan Convention has passed except for “issues of magnitude arising during the seventy-day period.” (Constitution and Canons, Rules of Order, Rule 19)

If you would like to submit a Resolution concerning an urgent issue, please submit a completed form to the Convention Coordinator as soon as possible for review by the Committee on Resolutions.


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Resolution Regarding the Recommitment to Being Anti-Racists

(See the History of Resolutions for the 2010 Anti-Racism Resolution referenced in the text. See also The Church Awakens: African Americans and the Struggle for Justice in the Episcopal Church Archives.)


Instructions for Submission of Resolutions

The following must be considered prior to the submission of any Resolution:
• Does this Resolution conflict with The Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church or The Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Los Angeles?
• Does this Convention have the authority to act or direct an entity included in the Resolution?
• How will this resolution be executed or assigned?
• What is the financial or funding impact?

Submission of Resolution for Consideration

Resolutions proposed for consideration at Diocesan Convention 2019 must be submitted by September 6 using the form below and must be signed by the delegate submitting the Resolution. The deadline to submit statements of opposition to Resolutions is October 4.


History of Resolutions Passed at Convention

The History of Resolutions Passed by Convention gives delegates wide opportunities to get better understanding of past Conventions, to assess its achievements, and avoid its missteps.