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Church Finances 101

Church Finances 101

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Presenter: The Rev. Michele Racusin



Have you ever wondered …

How confidential is a discretionary fund? Why are there separate funds for flowers and organs? And can they be used to pay the electric bill? What’s up with church payroll — taxes, housing allowances, SECA?

Let’s face it, church accounting is unique. Diocesan CFO Michele Racusin will reveal the mysteries of church accounting in two 45-minute workshops at convention.

As a CPA for almost thirty-five years, Racusin has seen a lot — the good, the bad, and just about everything in between. Working in almost every aspect of a church accounting, from small missions and large parishes to retreat centers, dioceses, and the Episcopal Church Center in New York City, she is well-versed in this specialized field.

Racusin also teaches finances at CREDO, a wellness conference for clergy throughout the Episcopal Church, to raise awareness of how accounting, budgeting, and stewardship work in the church.

These workshops are for treasurers, vestries, clergy, and other inquiring minds.

The Rev. Michele Racusin is chief financial officer of the diocese.